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star quality swing sets space shuttle vinyl swing set with spiral slide

4 Best Swing Sets with Spiral Slides

You love your kids. You want them to enjoy their childhoods to the fullest and nourish their developing minds. When it comes to providing them with an enriching outdoor play space, swing sets with spiral slides are the perfect investment. Playgrounds give children a designated space for their bodies and imaginations to run wild as they develop crucial coordination and social skills. But not all modern swing sets are created equal. In this article, we'll explore the top four swing sets with spiral slides, unpack the benefits of vinyl swing sets, and provide you with valuable insights to make the most informed purchase. Let us do the research for you!

Vinyl vs. Wood Swing Sets

Before we delve into the best swing sets with spiral slides, it's a good idea to understand the differences between vinyl and wood playsets. Vinyl swing sets are known for their durability, resistance to harsh weather, and pest prevention.

Common Concerns with Wooden Swing Sets with Spiral Slides

Wood playsets, while charming in appearance, come with some safety concerns. Over time, wood can rot, splinter, and deteriorate from exposure to the elements presenting safety hazards. 

We once had a wood swing set in our backyard, and the squirrels decided to use it as their scratching post, making it deteriorate even faster! Unlike wood, vinyl can’t be used as a scratching post and it doesn't require staining or painting, which makes maintenance a breeze. 

Vinyl Swing Sets Are Cost-Effective

While modern vinyl swing sets may have slightly higher upfront costs, they often prove to be cost-effective investments in the long run. The durability and low maintenance requirements of vinyl playsets mean you'll save on repairs, replacements, and upkeep expenses over time. Plus, all of the vinyl playsets on this list have a twenty-year warranty and accessories are constructed from repurposed plastic lumber made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which would otherwise contribute to landfill waste. Every swing set on this list also includes delivery and installation, so you can cross more projects off your to do list!

4 Best Outdoor Swing Sets with Spiral Slide

Now that you understand the benefits of vinyl playsets let's explore the top four swing sets with spiral slides available at AlignedPlay. 

And don’t forget, if you prefer a model that's not included in the list below,  you can add a spiral slide to most of our  Star Quality Swing Sets! 

1. Spiral Slide Playground: Space Shuttle Vinyl Swing Set 

star quality swing set swing set with spiral slide


Product Specs:

Tower: 4x8 Double Tower with 5' and 7' Deck Heights
Roof: (2) 4x4 Vinyl Roofs
Climber: 5' Stairs with Metal Handrails and 7' Rock wall
Slide: 10' Wonder Wave Slide and 7' Spiral Slide
Swing Beam: 4 Position Single Beam
Swings: Safe-T-Glider with 4 Chain Adapter, 2 Belt Swings, Trapeze Bar
Recommended Amount of Mulch: 3.25 Tons
Recommended Amount of Border Material: 32 pieces
Overall Size: 43' W x 30' L

The Space Shuttle Swing Set is a stellar addition to any backyard. The signature combination of white vinyl with gray trim accents gives this swing set with spiral slides a modern and sleek appearance that will complement any outdoor space. 

The double tower structure offers two deck heights with two vinyl roofs providing plenty of room for your little astronauts to explore. The five foot stairs feature metal handrails, while the high rock wall adds an exciting challenge for kids. Two slides—an exhilarating ten foot Wonder Wave slide and a twisting seven foot Spiral Slide are guaranteed to fill your yard with laughter. The swing beam offers versatility with a four-position single beam, accommodating a Safe-T-Glider with a four Chain Adapter, two Belt Swings, and a Trapeze Bar.


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Suitable for smaller yards or spaces
  • Affordable option compared to larger swing sets with spiral slides


  • Smaller tower size and less extensive play options

    2. Outdoor Playset with Slides and Swings: Milkyway Climber Vinyl Swing Set

    star quality swing set milkyway climber vinyl swing set with spiral slide

    Product Specs:

    Tower: (2) 5’ x 8’ towers with 5’ & 7’ deck heights
    Roof: (2) 5’ x 5’ pyramid roofs
    Climber: Entrance ladder with handrail
    Connector: 6' 6" bridge with rope and 6' 6" crawl tunnel
    Slide: 7' spiral slide and 10’ Avalanche slide
    Swing beam: 3-position climber beam
    Swings: Safe-T glider and (2) belt swings
    Recommended amount of mulch: 3.75 tons
    Recommended amount of border material: 34 pieces of Flex Wall Edging
    Overall size: 43' W x 30' L

    The Milkyway Climber Playground is an outdoor playset sure to provide your kids with endless hours of fun. This swing set with spiral slide boasts two towers with deck heights at five and seven feet. The towers provide ample space for exploration, while the entrance ladder with a handrail, rope bridge, and crawl tunnel connect the structures in an enriching way. 

    It comes with a seven foot spiral slide, ten foot avalanche slide, and a swing beam that includes a three-position climber beam, a safe-T glider, and two belt swings that cater to various age groups.


    • Multiple towers for imaginative play and exploration
    • Secure entrance ladder and challenging rock wall
    • Swing options for different age groups
    • Spacious design for group play


    • Less variety in tower design and layout compared to some other models
    • Requires a significant amount of space due to its large size

      3. Two Story Outdoor Playset with Slides: Orbit Nebula Climber Vinyl Swing Set

      Product Specs:

      Tower: 6' x 8' tower with 5' & 7' deck heights and 4x6 ground level decking
      Roof: 4' x 6' vinyl roof
      Climber: Entrance ladder with handrail and 5' rock wall
      Slide: 7' spiral slide and 10' Wonder Wave slide
      Swing beam: 3-position monkey bars
      Swings: Belt swing, baby swing, Safe-T glider
      Add-ons: Railings at ground level
      Recommended amount of mulch: 2.75 tons
      Recommended amount of border material: 28 pieces of Flex Wall Edging
      Overall size: 28' W x 28' L

      The centerpiece of the Orbit Nebula Climber Playground is a six by eight foot tower, offering deck heights at five and seven feet, complete with ground level decking. These versatile decks provide ample space for kids to engage in creative play and enjoy a bird's-eye view of their surroundings.

      A vinyl roof provides shade and shelter, and the entrance ladder features a handrail for safety. A seven foot spiral slide, ten foot wonder wave slide, as well as a five foot rock wall are included to keep the kids occupied for hours while you relax inside. The swing beam features three-position monkey bars, a belt swing, baby swing, and safe-T glider, for various ages.


      • Spacious tower decks for imaginative play and observation
      • Secure entrance ladder and exciting climbing features
      • Swing options cater to various age groups
      • Suitable for mid-sized and smaller yards or spaces
      • More budget-friendly swing set with spiral slide compared to larger options


      • Smaller tower size, rock wall, and play area compared to some other models
      • Fewer features and play elements compared to larger playsets
      • May not provide as much play space for large groups of children

        4. Best Swing Set with Tube Slide: Lucky Star Vinyl Swing Set

        lucky star vinyl swing set with tube slide

        Product Specs:

        Tower: 5' x 5' A-frame tower with 5' x 5' x 7' tower, 5' x 8' double tower, and 5' x 5' tower
        Roof: (4) 5' x 5' vinyl roofs
        Climber: (2) entrance ladders with handrails, 12' ramp with rails, rock wall cargo net combo, and monkey bars
        Connector: 6' 6" crawl tunnel and 6' 6" bridge with rails
        Slides: 10' Wonder Wave slide, 7' spiral slide, 7' Turbo slide, and 5' Sidewinder slide
        Swing beam: Extra high 4-position single beam
        Swings: 3 chain tire swing, (2) belt swings, trapeze, and baby swing
        Recommended amount of mulch: 5.25 tons
        Recommended amount of border material: 40 pieces of Flex Wall Edging

        Imagine your kids creating lifelong memories in the playhouse of their dreams: The Lucky Star Playground. This set includes four unique towers with vinyl roofs and various play levels.. Two entrance ladders with handrails, a twelve foot ramp, a rock wall cargo net combo, and monkey bars will please climbing enthusiasts, while a crawl tunnel and bridge with rails connects the areas. 

        This swing set with spiral slide has FOUR thrilling slides: a ten foot wonder wave slide, seven foot spiral slide, seven foot turbo slide, and a five foot sidewinder slide. The swing beam boasts an extra high four-position single beam, with a three chain tire swing, two belt swings, a trapeze, and a baby swing. 


        • Multi-level tower system for diverse play
        • Extensive climbing options for physical development
        • FOUR exciting variety of slides for endless fun
        • Suitable for larger yards or spaces
        • Comprehensive play experience for children of all ages


        • Comes with a premium price tag compared to other swing sets with spiral slides
        • Requires a large yard or space due to its extensive layout

        All of the above swing sets with spiral slides are crafted from durable vinyl to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment. Each playground also comes with a twenty-year warranty on craftsmanship and a five-year warranty on accessories demonstrating Star Quality Swing Sets' commitment to long lasting value. Please note that these swing sets include installation and have limited delivery to specific states (VT, MA, CT, NY, NJ, MD, DE, OH, IN, VA, WV, SC, and GA).

        Ready to create a magical outdoor play space for your children? Explore AlignedPlay's collection of modern vinyl swing sets with spiral slides and much more here. For any questions or customizations, feel free to reach out to us at, or call us at 800-980-8685. We would be honored to help you find the perfect product for your children, from one family to another!

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