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2MamaBees Playhouses & Montessori House Beds

Find Your Perfect 2MamaBees Swing Set or Playhouse!

Imagine a play space where your child's imagination soars, their development blossoms, and you?

You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a moment of well-deserved peace. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, 2MamaBees, founded by dedicated moms and best friends, knows where you are coming from and can help turn this dream into reality!


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2mamabess reign two story


Here is where it all started for 2MamaBees! You know those days when you're desperately craving a coffee catch-up with your bestie, but the kids have other plans?

Well, meet your new secret weapon: the 2MamaBees Reign Two Story Playhouse with Swing Set. It's like having a babysitter made of pure fun - from a potted garden to an adventurous slide, there is an activity for everyone!

AlignedPlay has EXCLUSIVE access to the new line, coming soon. This line will be only sold on the 2MamaBees website and here at AlignedPlay! 

You'll Love This Playhouse If...

  • You know... Better play = better naps! Climbing wall, ladder, acro bar, swings and slide help your little one with motor development, and TIRE THEM OUT! (Check out the 2MamaBees Montessori House Bed for nap time)
  • You are looking for something that has custom optionssurprise coming soon!
  • You want a bigger impact in your backyard for your kiddos, this can be purchased as a stand alone Reign 2 story playhouse, or with Reign swing attachment.
  • You love the idea of a playhouse/swing set that can grow with your kids.
  • You're longing for a coffee catch-up with a friend while the kids play. Its variety of activities, from the potted garden to the adventurous slide, keeps kids engaged and entertained, allowing parents some much-needed social time.



The Oceano Playhouse is more than just a play space – it's a hands-on learning hub. This modern farmhouse design includes a fully-equipped kitchen with child-sized tools and play food, perfect for nurturing essential life skills. The built-in potted garden teaches plant care, and the snack bar promotes hospitality. Complete with a welcoming front porch and a spacious wooden bench, it's ideal for hosting playdates and imaginative adventures.

You'll Love This Playhouse If... 

  • You want something smaller than the Reign, but love the idea of a bigger playhouse with lot's of interactive features. This playhouse stands at almost 73" tall so it's easy for you to fit inside!
  • Your kids love "hosting" and playing pretend "shop", the snack bar is where it is at! Our kids love turning it into an ice cream shop.
  • Your kids love eating outside, the built in picnic table is a win for everyone.


2mamabees oceano playhouse
2mamabees zahara playhouse


The Zahara Playhouse from 2MamaBees blends imaginative play with aesthetic charm, making it a hit among both parents and children. Its elegant white and black farmhouse design not only beautifies any backyard but also sparks children's imaginations, transporting them to a world brimming with creativity and adventure. 

You'll Love This Playhouse If... 

  •  You like the Oceano playhouse, but don't have that much space
  • You've been looking for the perfect indoor outdoor playhouse, but don't want to lose the features of a snack shop and picnic table
  • You are looking for something awesome easier to assemble, the Zahara playhouse takes only 1-2 hours



The 2MamaBees Ajure Playhouse is a stylish and functional addition to any modern living space, offering a perfect blend of play and elegance. This chic black and white wooden playhouse transforms indoor or outdoor play into a sophisticated experience. Imagine the delight on your toddler's face as they immerse themselves in pretend gardening and whip up imaginative meals in their own mini kitchen, complete with adorable wooden play food.

You'll Love This Playhouse If...

  • You want to bring your playhouse inside and want seamless style integration from outside to inside. Designed with conscious parents in mind, its sleek black and white design complements contemporary home décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your living room. 
  • You are looking for a space-efficient play area, but still want something bigger than the other playhouses out there. The Ajure Playhouse is perfectly sized for imaginative play without disrupting your living room!
  • You want affordable elegance. More than just a play area, it's an affordable investment in your child's creative play, adding elegance to your home without breaking the bank.


2mamabees ajure playhouse

Play and Development Go Hand-in-Hand

Research has consistently shown that imaginative play is a key player in boosting cognitive development in children. When your little ones engage in pretend play, whether it's baking imaginary cupcakes in the Aviana Play Kitchen or serving up fantasy ice cream in their Oceano Playhouse, they're not just having fun. They're sharpening their problem-solving skills, fueling their creativity, and embracing abstract thinking.

Relax While They Play

While your little ones whip up fun in their play kitchens, serve treats in their playhouses, or swing into fun, you get a well-deserved break. You're enjoying a rare moment of tranquility, maybe with a book in hand or a cup of coffee, reveling in the joy of seeing your children learn and grow through play.

How the Mama Bees are Different

As mothers of eight children, these 2 Mama Bees began their journey in their backyards, creating handcrafted playhouses. Their dedication to enhancing playtime is evident in every product they design, ensuring that each piece not only facilitates fun but also encourages family bonding.

American Craftsmanship: Products are made in the USA by Amish artisans, ensuring superior quality.

Sustainable Practices: All wood is sustainably sourced from American forests, reflecting their environmental commitment.

Environmental Partnership: In collaboration with American Forests, they plant trees for each playhouse sold, furthering their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting forest restoration.

So, are you ready to see how 2MamaBees can transform your home into a haven of imaginative play for your kids and a relaxing retreat for you? Scroll down and let's explore the wonderful world of 2MamaBees, where every day is an adventure in learning and leisure!

Discover the perfect blend of play and peace with 2MamaBees. Your journey to a harmonious home starts here!

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2MamaBees Reviews

2mamabees reviews


So easy to put together! It went up in less than 5 hours and my girls love it! The style matches our house and the kitchen playset that comes with it is so stylish and cute. Cannot recommend more.

-Ashley L.

aviana play kitchen review

Great Quality

My kids love this play kitchen! It has so many amazing features and you can tell it is heirloom quality.

-Alex B.

2mamabees review

Adorable Playhouse!

This playhouse is absolutely adorable and taller than some others I have looked at so its easier to play in there with my kids! Also, super easy to set up. Took me less than 2 hours.

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    2MamaBees Oceano Playhouse
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    2MamaBees Ajure Black & White Playhouse
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