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Figgy Play Couch

Let Imagination take flight with figgy

Figgy is not just an ordinary play couch. Expertly made in the USA, it was specifically designed for children and offers endless opportunities for creative play. This non-toxic and easily maintained couch will easily blend in with any room and is the perfect solution for parents looking to provide a secure and entertaining atmosphere for their kids. Figgy can be transformed into anything your little one imagines, from a boat out on the ocean to a rocket shooting off to the moon. A great alternative to screen time, it encourages physical activity and can help alleviate energy, making it perfect for calming the wiggles. So come along and join us and watch your child's imagination take flight with Figgy!
  • The Figgy Play Couch
    The Figgy Play Couch
    Figgy The Figgy Play Couch
    from $269.00

    Experience Tech Free Play Time with Figgy Play Couch A raft on the high seas. A treehouse high in the sky. A rocketship to the moon. This play couc...

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