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Star Swingsets FAQ


How do we pick which swing set?

Let's have some fun with playset planning! When picking the perfect model for your family, consider who will be joining in on the playtime adventure and how old they are. We've got all the playful ingredients to keep everyone entertained!

For those adorable little munchkins, we've got ground-level playhouses that will make their giggles soar. And who can resist baby swings? They'll have a swinging good time! Now, for our preschool champs and beyond, let's crank up the excitement! Enclosed slides are like secret tunnels of fun, and belt swings will have them soaring to new heights. How about some picnic tables for those delightful little gatherings? They'll feel like mini kings and queens!

Some playtime challenges require strong motor skills, the rock walls and cargo nets are usually for ages 5 and older, but the kids here at AlignedPlay have been climbing them since they were two (with supervision!). Kiddos between five and eight are ready to balance, jump, and conquer tougher obstacles. Let's add some monkey bars and a trapeze—time to swing, hang, and show off those acrobatic skills! And who could resist a thrilling 14-foot slide? It's like a playground roller coaster!
Where do you deliver/install?

Playsets can only be sold and delivered to the following states: VT, MA, CT, NY (limited), MD, DE, OH, IN, VA, WV, SC, GA

If my state is not listed, can I install myself?

If your state is not listed, but close to one of the states listed above give us a call 800-980-8685, and we will see what we can do!

Otherwise, I am sorry, but we do not allow for self installation.

Is shipping, installation and tax REALLY all included?

Yup, it is all included in the price you see!

Can I customize?

YES! We want your swing set to be PERFECT. If you give us a call, 800-980-8685, we can make it exactly how you want!

Can I add rubber mulch and a border?

Yes! Call us, 800-980-8685, to discuss, or chat!

How do we pick the best location to place the playset?

Safety first, my playful pals! When setting up your fantastic playset and swingset, we've got some tips to keep things secure and super fun. Let's dive in!

First off, watch out for those sneaky electrical wires, clotheslines, and low-hanging tree branches. We don't want any accidental tangles or unexpected surprises. So, keep your playset a safe distance away from these potential obstacles.

Set up the playset in a level area within clear sight of the house. That way, you can keep a watchful eye on your little adventurers while they embark on their daring escapades. Plus, it makes it super convenient for quick check-ins or to cheer them on with applause!

Oh, and let's talk about the sunny side of playtime. Nobody wants sunburned smiles, right? So, pick a shady spot in your yard to install the playset. It'll provide some cool comfort during those action-packed play sessions. 

Before you embark on your installation journey, be sure to check with your homeowner's association (if you have one). They might have some guidelines on how close your playset can be to your home, property lines, sheds, or pools. It's always good to be in the know and play by the rules, so you can enjoy your swingset without any hiccups.

So, my safety-conscious friends, remember these tips as you select the perfect spot for your playset. Keep it clear of hazards, in sight of parental superheroes, and shaded for ultimate comfort. And don't forget to check those homeowner's association guidelines before you take the plunge. Let the adventures begin in a safe and sensational play zone!

When will my swing set arrive?

Average is 4-6 weeks, but can take longer if it is busy season.

What should we do before our swing set arrives?

We recommend that the site be leveled before delivery, not only for appearance but also for safety. Not having a properly leveled area will void the warranty. Prepare an area with at least six feet of space on each side of the playset.

Do I need a special soft surface under the swing set?

While rubber mulch is considered to be the safest option for underneath of the playset, it is not the only option. Playground surfacing falls into two categories. First, loose-fill materials such as engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, sand and pea gravel. The second category is unitary surfacing. Unitary surfacing consists of poured rubber, grass and artificial grass or turf. Every playground has different needs so it is important to take into consideration budget, maintenance and who will be playing on the set.

Will the vinyl turn yellow over time?

No. We use only high quality vinyl that includes a highly effective UV resistant component specifically engineered to keep it from yellowing.

How strong is the vinyl?

The vinyl we use has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility of wood!

What is the weight limit?

We typically say 150 pounds per swing component.

Why do you cover the wood?

By covering the wooden structural elements of the playset, it keeps the stability without the maintenance. No one wants to re-stain or re-paint a playset every year. Covering the wood eliminates splinters. It also preserves the wood, which makes our playsets last for many, many fun-filled years to come.

How hard is it to maintain the playset?

 Easier than making coffee in the morning! Because you hardly need to maintain it. From time to time, as any outdoor toys do, it needs washed off. However, you don’t need harsh cleaners. A hose, glass cleaner, and a soft bristle brush will do the trick!


Are your swingsets commercial grade?

 Guess what?! All of our vinyl swingsets are commercial grade IF you remove the swingset. For swingsets to be considered a commercial grade playground, swing beams have to be free standing. This is very easy to accomplish with all of our swingsets. We also have a few commercial models which are great playgrounds for daycares, schools etc. Please call us at 800-980-8685 to customize a commercial swingset.