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Aligning with Your Authentic Self: Mom Edition

Aligning with Your Authentic Self: Mom Edition


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Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, if not THE hardest job. I am sure this resonates with all of you as you read this. You have humans who rely on you, errands to run, maybe a career, social media scrolling to do, the list is endless. I literally just bought a five subject notebook to attempt to keep my life in order. 

We have become so consumed with meeting the expectations of other people and keeping up with the hustle of life that we start to lose track of who we really are! And who wants to go through life as a shell of a person, just going through the motions?! Not me. Living in alignment with our authentic selves is the key to a fulfilling life. In this article, we’ll explore some practical ways to connect with and rediscover our authentic selves.

Find Ways To Express Yourself

This one was the trickiest for me. I mean, I am pretty sure I was labeled MOM and only MOM until my second child turned 13 months. I had no self care practices, zero creativity (unless it was ways to keep my kids occupied), and wasn’t feeling passionate about anything in life.

Then BOOM. I said, wake the heck up woman! This mom thing is definitely you, but it isn’t ALL of YOU. We deserve to be authentic to ALL parts of ourselves. 

Take yourself on a rediscovery journey. Maybe your interests have changed, maybe they are the same, but if we can unleash some creativity inside of us, a spark ignites. Maybe you take a class in something that interests you, maybe you have an idea to start a new company or a side hustle, maybe your outlet is exercise and you express yourself through movement, maybe it’s through journaling or song, the more things we try, the more we will be directed to what makes us feel good. Follow those curiosities. And more importantly, take time to do things for YOURSELF every day! 

Educate, Don’t Overestimate

I am a huge proponent of research and education, however, it is also important to gather data and find a balance between research and intuition. Sometimes I actually think about the days before Google and how my own mom did not have the ability to type “best parenting styles” into a search engine, yet she was the most incredible mom. Yes, research is amazing, but so are our intuitions. Listen to that inner voice and if you don’t feel like you have an “inner voice” listen to your GUT feeling, they are almost the same thing! 

Stay Connected (offline!) 

Yes, this one is maybe a little out there for some people, but staying connected doesn’t have to be some crazy dedicated meditation practice. Sure, if you can meditate for even 10 minutes a day, there are multiple health benefits, but even just going outside for a walk (without your head buried in your phone) is a way to connect with our authentic selves. Practicing self reflection daily is a great way to become more aware of our own desires, thoughts and feelings. 

Be Mindful About Social Media

We all love social media, it has great tips and tricks, and it is wonderful to stay connected with our friends and family, but be mindful. One of my favorite sayings is “comparison is the thief of joy”. It is hard to stay in alignment with our authentic selves if we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people.

Being a mom doesn't have to be a complete sacrifice to our authentic selves. As a matter of fact, being authentic makes us a better mom. When we live in alignment with who we truly are, our family’s will feel that. We will show up in a more positive and present way, which in turn creates a more fulfilling and harmonious family life. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as moms is permission to be true to who we are.

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