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Lily and River Climbing Toys

Empower your child's growth

Lily & River, proudly rooted in the USA, offers an exquisite range of the world's most innovative activity and sensory toys, thoughtfully designed to foster a happy and healthy lifestyle in children. Their honest and child-friendly products, including the acclaimed pikler triangles, are tailored to stimulate active, beneficial playtime, aiding in crucial early development. Each toy is rigorously tested to ensure utmost safety and engagement for your little ones. Committed to environmental sustainability, Lily & River plants a seedling with every purchase, contributing positively to our planet's future. Choose Lily & River for toys that are crafted with care, quality, and a vision for a healthier, joyous childhood.
  • Lily and River Big Mat Lifestyle 1
    Lily and River Big Mat Folded
    Lily and River Lily and River Big Mat
    4 colors available

    Embark on the Ultimate Playtime Adventure! Dive into the heart of playtime excitement with our extraordinary Connectable, Interactive, and Multi-pu...

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